Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions, LLC was formed, and operates, for only one purpose:​  To help “Save Lives and Protect Assets.”


We are fully committed to this single objective, and we do what we do exceptionally well.  To insure that only the very best materials, the very best workmanship, and the very best solution is provided to you.


…BGAS manufactures 100% of the products we offer.


Because we are the manufacturer, you are dealing directly with the source of the technology and experience that goes into each and every solution we create. By dealing directly with BGAS you are also assured of the very best pricing possible.


We are often approached to supply a solution based on what the client initially believes they need, and often, we are able to suggest solutions that are more effective, and less costly than the client was prepared for. That is what happens when you deal directly with an organization whose focus is on the best way to “Save Lives and Protect Assets..."

...rather than what we might be able to “sell” to you.


I believe you will find dealing with BGAS refreshingly transparent, and surprisingly productive. We are professionals. We just wear blue jeans because they are comfortable.

On behalf of the entire BGAS team, I would like to invite you to our place in Addison, Texas, so you can see for yourselves that we stand behind every product we make.


…as if our children’s lives depended on it.

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