Ballistic Glazing

BGAS manufactures the world’s finest Ballistic glazing. We have solutions for every threat level you may encounter. From UL 752 Level 1 through UL 752 Level 10… and even glazing that will stop multiple rounds of .50 caliber rifle impact. Oversized Glazing… No Problem… up to 71 inches wide by 168 inches long. Our professional and experienced team, competitive prices, quick turnaround times, and industry leading quality are why BGAS is the solution of choice. BGAS is your single source provider to harden any space, or protect anyone and everything that you may be concerned about.


Exclusive SchoolSafe™

SchoolSafe™ glazing is our exclusive safety glass for schools and higher educational facilities. This glass is engineered to be forced entry resistant and withstand extensive physical abuse. We buy you the time for help to arrive and control the attempted intrusion. Keeping the hallways clear of intruders! ASTM Certified to meet safety glazing codes.


Forced Entry Glass

BGAS manufactures a full line of forced entry glass. While not ballistic, this glass is engineered to be a 30 minute or 60 minute rated deterrent…to keep the bad guys out.


Hurricane Glass

BGAS manufactures a full range of hurricane rated glass…to keep you safe in life’s storms. Certified to Miami Dade Standards.


Madico Film Premier Partner

BGAS is a Premier Partner with Madico Film. We are an OEM utilizer of Madico’s superior products to add features to your existing gazing, or in manufacturing new glazing. These features include… Anti-Intrusion Security Film, Anti-Spall layer on the inside of Ballistic Glazing, and even Anti-Graffiti Film! Adding film to the project now can save a great deal of money down the line.


Custom Glass Lamination

Whatever your needs, our 3 fully automatic autoclave ovens and world class manufacturing plant can provide you with the custom laminations you need. This includes tempered glass, starfire glass, low E glass, insultated glass (I.G.), LED embedded glass, Switchable Privacy Glass, and printed, full color inner layers… just to name a few. If you have a need for custom glass lamination… we are the right choice to partner with.


Ballistic Can Be Beautiful

BGAS not only manufactures ballistic glass to keep you safe, we can make it beautiful also. Custom logo imprints, etching, custom paint on glass, custom full color prints as inner layers, and whatever you can imagine. We can build it.


Exclusive A6000™ Ballistic Steel

BGAS has exclusive access to the revolutionary raw material A6000™. This ballistic steel, developed by the US Department of Defense, is a Classified material. The unique combination of Brinnell hardness and flexibility of this high carbon content steel is game changing in terms of its ballistic properties. Lighter weight, more economical, and more capable to stop projectiles, BGAS uses this material for all of our ballistic framing, doors and walls. A6000™ is an exclusive product available only through BGAS. The photo shows four rounds of .50 Caliber Beowulf from 100 meters in ¼” plate… then two rounds of .50 Caliber 750 grain BMG from 250 meters and the projectiles did not penetrate.


Ballistic Window Frames

While our ballistic glazing will keep you safe…what about the frame holding it? We manufacture UL752 Level 3 and UL752 Level 8 Ballistic window frames to support your ballistic glazing. Any size, any configuration, any threat Level, any color, we have the solution for you.


Exclusive ClearSpeak™ System

BGAS provides an exclusive solution to keep you safe, and still allow excellent communication with your Clients. Our ClearSpeak™ system provides 100% ballistic protection, but allows audio to travel around the system edges to enable whisper quiet conversation. No need for awkward offset panels, electronic speakers that don’t work right, semi Ballistic speaker holes or other outdated methods. ClearSpeak™ assures clear communication while keeping you protected!


Ballistic Doors and Frames

BGAS manufactures ballistic doors and frames to meet any threat you may face. UL752 Level 3 and UL752 Level 8 solutions for any opening are available. Whether picture frame, vision glass, or opaque doors are required, we have what you need. A single door, double door entry, sliding doors, even revolving doors and fully automatic doors are available. We manufacture all of these using our A6000™ Ballistic steel.


The RIGHT Hardware

Ballistic doors are heavy by nature and the experience BGAS brings to your solution helps you avoid many problems down the line. We provide the RIGHT hardware to properly do any job. Hinges, push bar exits, door closure devices, ADA compliant hardware, even locking systems and security access systems. We are able to provide comprehensive solutions.


Ballistic Assemblies (SideLites and Transoms)

No matter how complex, we can supply the solution to keep you safe. Multiple doors, sidelites and transom assemblies of any configuration or combination, we can supply what you need. All of these assemblies are available in UL752 Level 3 and UL752 Level 8.


Ballistic Walls

The BGAS solution for ballistic walls is simple, elegant, effective, and affordable. We utilize our 1/8 inch thick or 1/4 inch thick A6000™ Ballistic steel as wall panels to provide UL752 Level 3 or UL752 Level 8 protection. We provide custom laser cut panels to fit exactly what you need. Very simple install, lighter weight than other options and affordable yet superior protection. These panels can be supplied powder coated to any color, or simply adhere drywall to the ballistic steel and finish to any aesthetic you may desire.


Pre-Engineered Solutions

BGAS provides a full range of Pre-Engineered products to overcome common threats or concerns. Just a few of these are:

  • Ballistic Deployable Partitions

  • Pre-Engineered, hardened office suites

  • Ballistic counters and transaction windows

  • Ballistic cubicles or reception areas

  • And many more off the shelf solutions to the threats that concern you


Ballistic Whiteboards!

Stylish... functional... and LIFE SAVING!


These are 48” wide and 72” tall... very stylish... and easy to move around by just one person!


Use them every day, with whiteboards on both sides. Should the day ever occur and you are in an Active Shooter situation... this whiteboard will save your life.


This board will reject all pistol, AK47 rifle, AR15 rifle, and AR10 .308 rifle fire from point blank range. Even under fire the board is stable and won’t tip over! At 48” wide it is the perfect size to barricade a door.


Use in any classroom (K thru College), use in any boardroom, church sanctuaries, fire stations, police departments, court rooms, libraries, and anywhere threat may exist.

The "Boss" Safety Shield

The Ballistic Officer Safety Shield...


...the BOSS.


Designed to provide full protection of the vitals, with zero restriction in visibility, and retaining the full ability to defend and return fire... the BOSS has it all!


BGAS manufactures the BOSS with the best materials and finish quality.


With a weight less than 16 pounds, a unique double handle system, and 100% visibility... the BOSS should be within arms reach of every “sheepdog” (those committed to protecting others who cannot protect themselves).


Blast Mitigation

BGAS leads the industry in providing Blast Mitigation solutions. Utilizing the combination of our Ballistic glazing and Ballistic framing, and working with the best Blast engineers in the country, we provide solutions to keep you safe under any circumstance.



BGAS offers direct installation utilizing our crews, or, oversight and management of local crews installing our products so that you are assured that installation is accomplished safely, correctly, and ON TIME.


Custom Solutions

BGAS is established specifically to provide the protection you need from any threat you may face. CUSTOM is what we do best! Tell us your concerns and we will consult with you at no charge to identify the RIGHT solution.


Protecting your Wallet!

BGAS IS the Manufacturer! Because you are dealing directly with the Manufacturer, and, because we manufacture the full range of solutions, (Ballistic Glazing, Ballistic Frames, Ballistic Doors, Ballistic Walls, and all the Custom combinations)… you are assured of the best price for value on the planet. Protecting your WALLET is also a priority for us! Buy direct from the Manufacturer to get the best products, at the best prices! 100% American Made!

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