June 2019

BGAS was honored to work with Mel and the team at Glassworks to design, manufacture and install a 100% Ballistic Entrance to defend the Chaim Berlin School in Brooklyn against any assault by pistol or rifle.


Great work guys!

June 2019

The BOSS is here! BGAS introduces the Ballistic Officer Safety Shield... the BOSS.


Designed to provide full protection of the vitals, with zero restriction in visibility, and retaining the full ability to defend and return fire... the BOSS has it all!


BGAS manufactures the BOSS with the best materials and finish quality.


With a weight less than 16 pounds, a unique double handle system, and 100% visibility... the BOSS should be within arms reach of every “sheepdog” (those committed to protecting others who cannot protect themselves)


Call BGAS for more information!

June 2019

Stylish... functional...




BGAS just announced the new line of Ballistic Whiteboards!


These are 48” wide and 72” tall... very stylish... and easy to move around by just one person!


Use them every day, with whiteboards on both sides. Should the day ever occur and you are in an Active Shooter situation... this whiteboard will save your life.


This board will reject all pistol, AK47 rifle, AR15 rifle, and AR10 .308 rifle fire from point blank range. Even under fire the board is stable and won’t tip over! At 48” wide it is the perfect size to barricade a door.


Use in any classroom (K thru College), use in any boardroom, church sanctuaries, fire stations, police departments, court rooms, libraries, and anywhere threat may exist.

April 2019

BGAS enjoyed providing a secured entrance for the Dallas Mavericks Gaming Center.


While we were pleased to provide excellent in the Rifle Rejection security of the custom 8’ double entry doors and Ballistic Glass Block Facility windows...the enjoyment came from meeting the remarkable young people involved in this sport of On Line Gaming.


Truly remarkable!

March 2019

We were very honored to deliver these new Deployable Ballistic Partitions to Frederick County Maryland Courthouse.


These are an exclusive BGAS design and 100% manufactured by BGAS in Texas and Oklahoma. These unobtrusive and attractive Partitions provide 100% Protection to the Sheriffs, Judges, Court Staff, and the Public.


The Partitions reject multiple rounds from .308 RIFLE at point blank range, are stable under fire, and won’t tip over if “bull rushed.”


Peace of mind...where you need it...and at a price EVERY courthouse, airport, and public facility can afford.

Deployable Ballistic


As you can see by the photos here... testing went as anticipated... perfect!


Five rounds of .308 in the glass and one round in the frame... zero effect... zero Spall... 100% effective protection.


We will delivering 19 of these to Maryland on the 26th and Art has the Federal Marshals coming to look at them there.


This is an EXCEPTIONALLY high quality product... and a BGAS exclusive!



BGAS just completed all testing on the new Ballistic Magnetic Whiteboards! 


These “unassuming” and fully functional Magnetic Whiteboards are useful in any office or educational setting... but also serve a much higher purpose... in an Active Shooter Situation!


These boards are Ballistic and will reject hundreds of rounds from the AR10 .308 Rifle fired at point blank range... with absolutely no Spall... and no damage to the backside! There is NOTHING like this on the market.


BGAS will provide these initially in 42” x 72” frame on casters that is sleek and stylish. We will also produce a smaller 24” x 36” version that hangs on the wall but incorporates straps on the back side so it can be removed from the wall and utilized as a personal shield!


Certified to NIJ Level III and to UL Level 8


Production units available in April, 2019! Saving Lives and Protecting Assets... with American ingenuity.

Shot Show!

BGAS is featuring our products at the Shot Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday, January 23, in the “Pop Up Preview” section (one day only).


Both booths are up and running with excellent reception at the Shot Show... We are the ONLY Ballistic Glazing and facility hardening company here!


November, 2018

The ribbon cutting was just held to open the New York Police Department; Times Square Substation. It was a true honor for BGAS to be selected to supply ALL of the Ballistic components for this facility. We supplied the Ballistic Glazing that makes up all the exterior walls, as well as, all of the custom framing required to hold these walls in place. We also custom built all of the Ballistic Doors and Frames, and supplied Ballistic wall panels throughout the facility. New York’s finest are in a safe environment, and we were truly honored to be a part of that.

November, 2018

This custom Ballistic entrance to a very well respected custom jeweler near the Galleria in Dallas was just completed. This features beveled Ballistic Glazing that wrap the entrance with no mullions. A very elegant look. The BGAS Team completed the installation of this and a transaction window in 7 hours.

September, 2018

BGAS welcomed and hosted the first Training session for our Independent Solutions Providers! Some of the best known individuals in the Glazing industry toured the Addison Glass Plant for training relative to Ballistics, Ballistic Glazing, Ballistic Steel, and the full capabilities of BGAS to harden any facility against any threat.

July, 2018

With constant attention to detail, and ever expanding attempts to increase our Quality Control to provide the absolute best in products… BGAS makes another bold move. We have initiated a “Cat Scan” procedure for all products coming out of fabrication. If the “Cat” doesn’t approve… we do it all over again! Just kidding… thought you might like the levity. This is the resident Cat in the Comanche Fabrication facility. She does believe she is in charge! She is sitting on the racks needed to put our THIRD AutoClave Oven into service.

June, 2018

The new NASA entrance at Ames Research Center is now complete. BGAS supplied all of the Ballistic components including the custom window assemblies and dual pocket sliding door systems. It was our honor to work with Royal Glass on this project.

June, 2018

BGAS finished Hardening the entrances to nine Dallas Police Department sub-stations and was awarded Phase 2 of the project.

April, 2018

BGAS rolls out the full line of Products and Services to “Save Lives and Protect Assets”. With the in-house capability of Ballistic Glass, Ballistic Window Frames, Ballistic Doors, Ballistic Door Frames, and Ballistic Wall Panels… there is no limit to the protection that can be gained with BGAS. This is a “one stop” solution to harden any facility from UL 752 Level 3, to UL 752 Level 10, to NIJ Level IIIA, to NIJ Level IV and even Blast Mitigation!

March, 2018

BGAS teams up with James Taylor of Sustainable Glazing to complete the Executive Ballistic Upgrades at the AT&T Headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

March, 2018

BGAS completes the Farmers Branch Police Department Facility Hardening renovation. The Exterior Door Sets, Sidelites, and Transoms with custom framing are all Ballistic and manufactured entirely by BGAS. We also utilized A6000™ Ballistic Walls, BGAS exclusive ClearSpeak™ Transaction Windows, and Custom Window Framing throughout. Altogether, BGAS manufactured 5 complex picture frame door and frame assemblies, 5 large ClearSpeak™ Transaction window assemblies, 27 Exterior Ballistic window frame and Glazing assemblies, 4 Stainless Steel Ballistic transaction trays, and 1 package pass thru tray, and supplied all of the hardware for the Door systems.

February, 2018

Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions, LLC takes the market lead in becoming the first and only single source provider to harden any facility in jeopardy. For the first time, one company, manufactures all of the components, and provides all of the expertise needed to provide Ballistic Glazing, Ballistic Window Framing, Ballistic Transaction Counters, Ballistic Doors and Frames and even Ballistic Walls. Headquarters are in Addison, Texas. The Ballistic Steel Capability of Armor Advantage A6000™, steel fabrication experience, and Ballistic Glazing capability now gathered under one roof is unprecedented!